H5000 – the budget TV from Samsung

Samsung H5000The Samsung HDTV Reviews on Samsung H5000 are about a particular model and H5000 is not a series. This is a 64 inch TV with 1080 plasma display. The Samsung PN64H5000 is provided with 2 HDMI inputs. This is a low priced TV and the price is approximately $1399. This is the ideal choice for those who want to buy a budget TV with a large display. The Samsung H5000 has a glossy black finish. The viewable area is surrounded by a glossy black bezel. This model is provided with a plain looking, small, easy to use remote control. This model is very popular as a budget TV. In addition to the 2 HDMI inputs there is a shared composite-component pair. The USB input is provided for firmware updates. It is used for display of JPEG images also. Connections are made to the back of the TV.

Normal features

The TV has all the basic controls on it. The menu is split into two different modes – 2-point and 10-point. This model has a three-axis color management system. Independent 2-point white balance settings are provided separately for the Day and Night modes. Samsung H5000 has the provision for output of 24p material with no judder. This option for a budget TV is quite unusual. The Samsung HDTV Reviews highlight the stunning color saturation of this model.


The Samsung H5000 is known for its best back level performance. According to the Samsung HDTV Reviews the Samsung H5000 plasma is ideal for darkrooms as well as for TV viewing during night time. The default gamma characteristics of this TV offer an average gamma of approximately 2.3. Those who expect a large, bright picture are overwhelmed with the picture quality of Samsung H5000. The Black Optimizer feature of this TV influences the near black panel driving. As far the contrast and color are considered the Samsung PN64 H5000 exceeds everyone’s expectations.


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